Gandlanani Golden Arrows crowned Champ of Champs

Gandlanani Golden Arrows were crowned Champ of Champs after outclassing their counterparts on Saturday (20th July 2019) at Malamulele stadium.

It was a joyful Saturday when three champions from Collins Chabane LFA streams A, B and C met during Champ of Champs tournament to determine who the real champion was. The tournament was played in a point system as Gandlanani Golden Arrows drew 0-0 with Halala Fast Movers during their first match; Mukhomi Real Madrid defeated Halahala Fast Movers 1-0 ; Gandlanani Golden Arrows defeated Mukhomi Real Madrid 2-0 during the last fixture. The champions were awarded with a floating trophy and gold medals.IMG_20190720_173125

Mbilu and Mchini from Gandlanani Golden Arrows with their trophies after the tournament. 


Golden Arrows were not only crowned as champions but they scooped almost all the tournament awards. Caiphus Mchini (Arrows) went away with ‘player of the tournament’; Mbilu Mdivani (Arrows) got away with ‘Goal keeper of the taurnament’. Top goal scorer award was shared by three players: Caiphus Mchini (Arrows), Touch Shirinda (Arrows) and Reuben (Real Madrid). Mukhomi Real Madrid went away with the silver medals as the runner-ups and Halahala Fast Movers got bronze medals.


Arrows’ coach Njara Eric Chauke was thrilled with joy as he was short of words but only shouted “ Vafana va mina, vafana va mina, vafana va mina” shouted the coach.



Story by Xirimela crew



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